Civic Association Newsletter

April/May 1997 - Volume 20, No. 6

Statement of Jay Fisette (D)


Moving through Arlington with supporters at each stop, Democrat Jay Fisette has kicked his county board campaign into high gear, reminding voters that "Building a healthy community is not a spectator sport."

As President of the Board of the Arlington Arts Center, Fisette has been known for his leadership role in efforts to renovate the historic Maury School facility, which is a key feature in the Ballston-Virginia Square corridor.

Fisette was chairman of the County Board's Renovation Task Force, which in December issued a report to the board calling for a major renovation that will benefit the arts community and the Arlington community at large. Board members are expected to begin addressing the arts center renovation issues in the coming weeks.

Pledging Democratic values and an independent mind, Fisette is campaigning with a 5-point message:

*Strong fiscal management and a priority of maintaining Arlington's superior AAA/Aaa bond rating. As a former GAO auditor and member of the Arlington Fiscal Affairs Advisory Committee, he will ensure that tax dollars are prudently spent and not wasted.

*Safer neighborhoods, including a concern about Arlington gang violence and his desire to create a balanced solution.

*Economic development and protecting neighborhood character. Fisette strongly supports Arlington's four public-private partnerships. He knows from experience that cooperation and sound planning result in responsible development and good jobs for Arlingtonians. He also understands the importance of affordable housing to the community.

*Excellence in Education. Fisette is one of the 80-plus percentage of adult Arlingtonians without children in the school system, and yet is adamant in his support of maintaining a strong and vibrant school system. He promises to work to ensure that others without school-age children understand the importance of this issue.

*Environmental protection. An avid bicyclist and environmentalist, Fisette believes that the county must treasure its parks, protect its natural and human resources and manage traffic well. To that end, he has called for more four-way stop signs.

Fisette's long list of local endorsements include County Board Member Al Eisenberg, State Delegate Jim Almand, County Court Clerk David Bell, Delegate Karen Darner, Arlington Treasurer Frank O'Leary, Commissioner of the Revenue Gerri Whiting and School Board Members Darlene Mickey and Diane Smith. He also has been endorsed by Virginia Partisans and the Bilingual Outreach Citizens' Alliance.

To join the forces behind Jay Fisette, contact the campaign at 703-524-2277, send an e-mail to or check Jay's popular web site at

Authorized by Jay Fisette, Candidate for the Arlington County Board

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