Civic Association Newsletter

April/May 1997 - Volume 20, No. 6



Budget Area: Arlington County Fire Department

FAAC Reviewer: Frank Rose

Date: March 31, 1997

ISSUE: Department Funding. The FY 1998 proposed budget for Arlington County Fire Department (ACFD) totals $20,281,157 and represents a one percent increase over the FY 1997 budget.

Recommendation: FAAC voted 12-0 that the County Board approve the ACFD FY 1998 proposed budget with the changes noted below.

Dissenting Opinions: The current personnel management practices of the Department raise a number of questions. These concerns include the OSHA issue of the number of fire fighters required on a truck for calls and the manner in which the elimination of the battalion aide positions was handled. The fact that one of the individuals impacted was the President of the Fire Fighter's Union raises questions about how the whole question was handled and the options available to those individuals.

Program Change Proposal

Background: The proposal requests an additional $187,482 to continue implementation of the Paramedic Engine Concept by adding one Fire Fighter/EMT III (Paramedic) to each shift in order to place into service an additional paramedic engine. This proposal has been endorsed by the Arlington County Emergency Services Advisory Council.

Recommendation: Arlington County has been sighted as not having met the staffing level recommended by the National Fire Prevention Association. At present only five of ten engine companies meet the standard. Therefore, the FAAC passed a substitute motion amendment by a vote of 10-2 calling on the County Board to hire 6.25 new fire fighters a year for the next three years.

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